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Jim Merritt is a Republican member of the Indiana Senate, representing District 31 since 1990.

Jim is a born and raised Hoosier, who has chosen a life of devoting himself to creating a better and safer Indiana. As a State Senator, Jim embodies integrity and the ability to bring people together. Since 1990, Jim has fought for principled reforms pertaining to education, jobs, fiscal responsibility, healthcare and overall, the quality of life of his fellow Hoosiers.

Senator Jim Merritt and his wife Kelley live in northeastern Indianapolis and are the proud parents of Abby and son-in-law Josh Baker, Jennifer, and Will. Merritt serves as Vice President of Corporate Affairs for The Indiana Rail Road Co. Representing 130,000 constituents in District 31, Senator Merritt was first elected to the Indiana Senate in 1990. Committees Merritt serves on include Utilities, Homeland Security, Public Policy, Rules and Legislative Procedure, Joint Rules, and the Transportation subcommittee. The leadership positions Merritt holds in the Senate are Majority Caucus Chairman along with Chairmanship of the Utilities Committee.

Senator Jim Merritt’s Supporting Issues:



Fiscal Responsibility


Quality of Life